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Our highly skilled team of OCI and AWS cloud specialists can help you architect, implement, manage, and secure your cloud infrastructures. By partnering with us, you gain access to unparalleled industry knowledge, best practices, and automation tools.

Professional Services

Accelerate cloud adoption & support digital transformation by providing expertise on cloud migrations, upgrades, and new implementations in the latest cloud technologies.

Run and Operate Services

Ensure consistent operations and predictable performance of your cloud infrastructure. Provides a lower-cost option compared with having an in-house team maintain a complex architecture.

Engineering Services

Ongoing optimization of your cloud infrastructure so that you get the best value of your cloud investments through structured improvements beyond regular run and operate services.

Maximize Efficiency with Earendel's Tailored Cloud Solutions

At Earendel, we understand that each business has unique cloud needs. Our approach is to deliver custom solutions that align perfectly with your specific requirements, goals, and budget.

Personalized Cloud Strategy: Our experts collaborate with you to deeply understand your business, allowing us to identify key areas for improvement in your cloud infrastructure. This collaborative process ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also resonate with your business’s specific needs.

Optimized, Secure, Scalable: We focus on creating a cloud environment that is scalable, secure, and optimized for cost and performance. Our aim is to enhance your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and fortify your service delivery.

Your Business, Our Expertise: With Earendel, you can be confident that your cloud environment is meticulously architected to support and elevate your business operations. Let us help you transform your cloud strategy into a competitive advantage.

Evaluating Your MSP's Value: Key Questions to Consider

  • Alignment with Business Goals: Does your MSP strategically align their services with your specific business outcomes?

  • Efficiency in Task Management: Is there a reliance on manual processes for routine tasks by you or your MSP, or is there a more efficient, automated approach?

  • Proactive Issue Identification: How effectively does your MSP anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions before they impact your operations?

  • Handling Service Disruptions: Are you experiencing repeated service disruptions, especially from recurring issues?

  • Access to Critical Insights: Do you have real-time visibility into essential metrics and events within your technology stack?

  • Optimization of Cloud Expenditure: Is your cloud spending streamlined and cost-effective, or are you facing unnecessary expenses?

  • MSP Availability and Support: Can you rely on your MSP’s availability and prompt support when it’s most critical?